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Should I Lose Weight If I'm Still Hot And All Men Turn Their Heads To Admire Me?

Ladies who feel sexy and are confident by the looks that they get from men tend to give less attention to losing weight. As long as they turn heads, they feel confident enough that they are attractive and sexy. However, even if you are such a woman who turns heads wherever you go thereby meaning that you are very attractive, you still need to watch your weight. Here are some reasons why:

Sexy is not necessarily healthy: Just because you feel you look sexy doesn't translate into a healthier you. You could have the curves in all the right places, but still be fatty and unhealthy. This means that you still need to tone up and reduce fat to be termed as healthy. Losing weight won't come in the way of you looking sexy and you should therefore be focused more in your general health as compared to the physical look.

Men can admire anything: Just because men are turning their heads in admiration, it could be for anything else. It could be something they individually fancy and not everything about you. For instance, you could have attractive boobs, but a bottom that is not so attractive or flabby arms that are unattractive. Losing weight in this case will tone up the body in general giving you some sort of a balance that is not only attractive but also very healthy.

You are growing old: What you also need to remember is that you are growing old. When you ignore weight loss plans now, you might find it harder to lose the weight later in life. You will also be giving yourself the chance to add weight in the belief that you are still very attractive with heads turning on you. By embracing good eating habits and regular exercising, you will reduce any chances there was of you adding weight.

Weight loss should be more about you: When you lose weight to impress men, you do it for the wrong reason. It could be that they admire you, but deep down you don't feel confident enough as a woman or you find that some parts of your body are an embarrassment for you. Apart from turning heads therefore, endeavor to pick up a weight loss plan to improve on your self esteem and feel self confident. When you are confident enough, you won't care much about what people think.

As much as it is important for women to lose weight to be attractive in the eyes of the men in their lives, this is an issue that needs to revolve more on their individuality. There are very simple things that you can do to keep yourself looking sexy, but at the same remain healthy for the longest time. Making a few changes in your lifestyle will make all the difference for you as far as reducing weight is concerned. Best diet won't even call for much and it will work magic for you.

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